Virtual Organizing + Coaching Sessions

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Virtual Organizing & Coaching sessions with Devon are available by appointment.  This is a 1-month package price that includes four 1-hour sessions per week for 4 weeks. Devon will guide you step-by-step to organizing your kitchen, closets, drawers and more to be more functional and user friendly for everyone in your household. Learn skills for getting organized and staying organized via phone, email, and video.  The steps to getting organized are always the same, the skill comes from considering the people and their habits, the space, and what you have.

This is an excellent option for self directed individuals who are feeling overwhelmed and in need of direction, tips, and insights.

This is not for the individual who is easily distracted. I suggest in-person organizing sessions with a Professional Organizer in your area.

To see the full benefit from Virtual Organizing Sessions, allow/create 4+ hours per week of this package uninterrupted time to focus on your project.

Please contact Devon prior to purchasing this package to check on availability and make sure this is the right package for you.