Moving Special!

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I love to help people come up with a plan to organize, move and get settled into their new home.  This is an excellent package if you want to get organized and pack in unison and/or unpack and set up systems in your new home.

This is what you get for $1,800.....

An in-depth complimentary consultation of your current home and new home.

Five (5) 6-hour days of organizing, packing, and/or unpacking.  We can discuss your move and you can utilize my skills to best meet your needs.  We'll come up with an action plan and purge, sort, organize, pack....unpack on the other end + set up lasting systems of order. 

I can secure extra hands to speed the packing/unpacking process up.

I suggest booking 6 weeks out to get prime choice of days.

*All 5 days must be used within 30 days of first day booked.  Additional 5 day packages can be purchased for those extra large projects.

*Packing material not included.