DIY Organizing Workshops June 13th + 27th, 2020

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Join me for two workshops 10:30am to 12:00pm on a Saturday to get Pro Tips about how to start and complete an organizing project in your home and on your own.  We will discuss what is essential to you, your space, thinning things out, where to donate, and more.

Have a project in mind and snap some photos to share with me.  We will follow up via email or phone on the in-between time to see how you are doing, where you may be stuck + I can suggest organizing products to simplify your space.

Limited to five participants per session.

$100 per person for a total of two sessions.

Location will be in Sellwood. Exact address will be given after you sign up.

To get the full benefit from attending my DIY Organizing Workshops, allow/create uninterrupted time each week to focus on your project.

Upcoming Session(s): Saturday June 13th and 27th, 2020