7-Hours Life Management (Virtual Monthly Service)

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Not enough hours in the day to get to everything?  ZeroChaos can help you keep things more manageable.

I am always delighted and surprised by the varied assortment of Life Management tasks I’m hired to handle.  Other than the standard research, travel coordination, appointment setting, and errands, I handle anything else that may need tending to and attention. 

Two hours may be applied to a small home organizing project.  Hours cannot be carried into the following month.  Some clients like to choose a day of the week and have me do their grocery shopping and run some errands on a weekly basis.  Additional hours after the initial seven is $55. 

ZeroChaos can help you with:

Paying bills

Running errands

Making appointments

Social Media Management

Planning a surprise

Apartment hunting

Gift wrapping

Car shopping

Find an attorney

Helping you set goals and creating a plan to stick to them

Brainstorming your next pivot point in your career and action steps to take

Time management

Finding a doctor

Prepping for a divorce

Preparing for small claims court

Hiring a personal chef....and the list goes on and on

I handle any detail or situation that requires time and energy that you don't have, has gotten out of control, or is just too overwhelming with ease and confidentiality.  I often work in tandem with my clients depending on the specifics of the project.

Take a moment to read my review page and hear what other people have to say about ZeroChaos.

 ZeroChaos is here to make your life easier!

You will be notified within 24-hours of your purchase to discuss your personalized month of life management by ZeroChaos.