"Hire Devon!  It's that simple.  She assisted me with the emotional undertaking of opening up and downsizing my storage container with the remains of my move from a house I lived in for 22 years.  She was patient, knowledgeable and efficient.  And she's fun to spend time with...5 stars!"

"Devon is a machine. We got so much done in our 4 hour session I was astounded. She is very talented at sorting through impenetrable clutter and making sense of it all, even though it is isn't her stuff. She is great at delegating so you can get the most out of your session. I can't recommend her highly enough!"

"Devon is fantastic. In a few hours she helped my husband and me work through several rooms that we had put off for years. We weeded through items and set up organizational systems that work for our lifestyle so we are able to maintain a tidy space. She hauled away a car load to goodwill and had great resources for other services, as well as tips for products that were individually tailored to our needs. She's also really fun and easy to work with. She exceeded my expectations in every way. I recommend her to everyone I know."

"Devon is incredible. I love her energy and willingness to take a light touch with all my “stuff”. I am finally feeling organized because of her and want to continue to grow and edit with her."

"After only one session my kitchen is far more organized than I was able to envision on my own. Devon even compassionately researched traumatic brain injury to better help my personal struggles regarding household organization. I'm very excited to move forward with the rest of the house!"

"Devon is a literal angel when it comes to organizing and making spaces functional. She has helped me on numerous occasions with organizing, packing/unpacking before and after moves. Devon is very professional, understanding, private and a very hard-worker. She will leave no closet or drawer unturned as she turns your home into an organized and purposeful oasis. While she can certainly work independently, she makes an extra effort to involve her clients so they can have say in how things are organized so it works for them. She has also helped me after big projects by taking stuff to be donated for me to save me the trip/hassle and sees the project to completion. I trust Devon to both organize things like clothes or belongings and also paperwork - she maintains the highest level of confidentiality with her clients. A typical project with Devon will usually start with her coming out to assess a project with me, her discussing general ideas and then recommending anything I should consider purchasing to help make the final product be the best (i.e. little bins or trays, liners for drawers etc). Then she will come back once everything is ready and gets to work. While Devon is not a housekeeper, she is mindful about making sure spaces are clean when they are being organized and has always gone the extra mile to wipe off/dust surfaces she's operating in to make sure they are sparkling and tidy at the end. Devon is also very prepared and will bring her own equipment with her to the job - anything from scissors to a folding table, she has it in her car to make sure she is extra considerate of her clients' spaces while working. Best of all, Devon is hilarious and fun to hang out with while she's working! She is also a great problem solver and if additional services are needed to complete a project (i.e. movers, junk haulers) she will do research and find the best in your area and help make the project flow smoothly and efficiently from beginning to finish. She is also known to occasionally stay after a project and challenge you to a game of Scrabble! I cannot recommend Devon enough for any of your organizing needs - she is the best of the best!"

"I would recommend Devon without any reservation. She eases all anxiety about home organization and knows how to pace the project. She will organize the project and give you options for approaches to suit your budget and your pace. She actually made this much easier than I thought it would be and I am so grateful to have her services"

“I’ve worked with about ten Professional Organizers in the last 15 years ranging in price from $35-$100/hour and Devon is by far the best. I felt lost because no one understood my space and my dilemma - until I met Devon the organizer extraordinaire”.

"A Super star in her field!!!"

"Devon was kind, gentle and non-judgmental.  She eased my anxiety with a packing strategy, cooperative work and lots of laughter.  She knows her stuff and will help lift that weight off your shoulders."

"It is uncanny how Devon can step into ones life and home and improve it the way she does! She gets things righted that have been in disarray; be it things, paperwork or entire areas with amazing skill. Devon does so with respect for the client, which is crucial."

"I recently hired Devon to help me organize my home office space. She did a great job of helping me achieve my goals and she met me where I am at, with how my mind works and what I needed. I appreciated her positive spirit and lack of judgment. I feel empowered to maintain the progress we made and I also think she may have planted some conceptual seeds for me that I may be able to move forward on my own. I highly recommend her."

"Devon was awesome! She was exactly what I needed - someone to help me unpack some remaining boxes from a move into a new home. I was feeling overwhelmed and stuck, so I hired her for a few hours of helping me unpack. When she came, she was so friendly and easy to work with. She put me at ease by saying I could help her as little or as much as I wanted. She worked quickly, sorting all my stuff, and helping me decide where things should go. She also wrote down lots of ideas and resources for me to continue creating a system for home organization. I will definitely hire her again!"

"I cannot recommend Devon highly enough. This is some deep, intimate stuff we're working on here, not just cleaning house. She's easy to be with in the house and easy to share fears and ask questions. And for those who are not quite the head case that I am, she just really enjoys organizing and really good at it. You are in exceptional hands with Devon."

"Devon has made a huge difference in my life. I have spent three sessions with her, working on various parts of my home. She is efficient, engaged, brilliant about strategies for organizing, and really nice too! I had been putting off getting things organized and under control and it was a huge burden hanging over me. Now I feel a wonderful sense of calm and clarity. I am very grateful to Devon. I appreciated that there wasn't anything that seemed to faze her. She was intrepid!" 

“Devon has such a warm personality that radiates through her work. She's not just in the organizing business, she's in the relationships business. She met with one of my clients and after spending some time getting to know him she decided he really didn't need her services as he was already pretty organized. She even helped him make a decision on something that was holding him back from making a needed move to a new place. Highly recommend Devon and ZeroChaos!”

"Devon was a God send. I have a house filled with 22 years of paperwork from a small business and personal, along with a lot of clutter. I had hit the wall from being overwhelmed. Devon's calm, direct and efficient de-clutter and organizing methods got me started!  We worked together to clear out and organize an office, guest bedroom, storage area, and more. She is so easy to work with and kept me focused. I have had her over a few times, four hour blocks, and ready to do some more. It is SO nice to have someone go through all of the stuff with you and to give directions along the way. She is non-judgmental and honest.  After each session I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders, and had a great time getting there. I can't say enough good things!"

"Excellent organizer, but that’s not even an adequate way to describe what Devon does. More like domestic coach or home therapist. Very efficient and helpful and easy to work with."

"It has been almost one month since Devon came to my home to help me organize my 'woman cave/business office/craft room.' I purposely waited to leave a review because I have "organized" my work place before, my daughter has helped me to do also, several times. But Devon works magic because she sets things up so that you KEEP it organized. My mailing station table is STILL a clean flat surface where I can do my mailings. There's something about her personality that leaves a mark on you! I can't mess things up cause I find myself thinking "I can't do that to Devon; she made this look so orderly."  Devon has a way of alleviating  one's shame over feeling like a disorganized slob. I can't explain it but she's so accepting and non-judgmental. By the end of our 6 hour session (she stopped once for about 10 minutes to eat soup!) we were joking about my tape fetish. She 'totally gets me' and lets me have my creative neurotic ways. She didn't try to make me over. She created a system that works for ME. I highly recommend Devon. I was so overwhelmed just a couple of hours into the project but she kept a steady pace, helped me to focus on a single closet while she tackled the rest of the room, and voila! out of the chaos she created order. I can't rave enough about my experience with Devon."

"Devon is amazing; she is versatile, perceptive, easy to work with and just plain great! She has helped us with projects big and time-sensitive (helping us organize 2 major household moves in under a year), as well as ongoing and individualized (helping my husband & me each organize our home offices, and helping us each with ongoing maintenance of our offices and workflow). She also has the most amazing virtual “Rolodex” of capable, dependable folks who she can recommend to help with other tasks (including home maintenance and the like).
Do contact her- you will be happy you did!"

"Devon was amazing and helped me get out from under my paperwork and organize my important documents into a system that was easy for me to keep up. She also helped me with space appointment and what to do with all my holiday and interior decor. Thank you!!"

"Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. I was melting down trying to sort through my house I've lived in for 15 years so that I could move every item I didn't purge into my attic while I temporarily moved out and turned the house into a rental. I don't think I could have done it with Devon. She helped with the purging, planning, organizing, timeline, everything. Not only did it get done, but I feel like I'm a more organized person after having gone through it with her guidance and expertise. If you are at all thinking about it, hire her."

"You're excellent at what you do! You have a gift! Thanks for sharing it with everyone!"

"Where do I even begin? Devon has taken the lead in organizing three spaces (two closets and a storage room) in my home. I love her positivity and "can do" attitude. She is super personable, non-judgmental and goes above and beyond to simplify what is otherwise a daunting/cumbersome process. I have absolutely enjoyed working with her, and appreciate everything I learn from her at each visit. She truly embodies "Zero Chaos" and helps others embrace it, too! Thank you, Devon!"

"Devon has been working with us on a ongoing project that included packing, moving, unpacking and organizing. Devon is warm and professional as well efficient, understanding, quick, reliable, and highly effective. Working with Devon is so easy, and also a huge relief. She has helped us get things done that we have wanted to address for a long time. Thank you Devon."

"Devon has helped me with my office and my home.  She helped me with our big corporate move and with the weekly paring down of 19 years of stuff in my house.  She is non-judgmental and very helpful.  I would recommend her to anyone.  She is also very discreet and confidential for the most discriminating clientele."

"Devon is reliable, empathetic, smart, efficient, flexible and highly EFFECTIVE!!  we are still working with her on an ongoing project and she has lived up to her promise of Zero Chaos."

"Devon is fantastic! I wish we had before and after photos. We worked our tails off for 6 hours and that evening when my extended family came over the first thing they said is "I've never seen your house look so good!". Every system we created - a month ago - is still in place. If things land in the "wrong" place I have a spot to put it. I cannot recommend her enough!"

"Devon is a pro!  Devon does a great initial consult to size the project. Then, when she arrives to do the work, she gets right down to work, rolls up her sleeves and works right along side of you. She has resources to help you get items to Goodwill or the dump which is a great relief and makes things simple. I love working with her"

"Devon. Is. Amazing. If you are looking at these reviews to decide whether or not to hire her, let me help: DO IT!!!!"

"ZeroChaos is a lifesaver. For years I let clutter pile up in my office: papers, boxes, memorabilia, souvenirs, sports equipment... you name it. In an afternoon with Devon it was all taken care of and now looks great! Devon is truly amazing. She's a rare blend of friendly and professional. Her passion for organizing is truly amazing. Thank you Devon!"

"I brought Devon in to inventory and re-pack a large collection of models that has been taunting me for the last six months. Eight hours later, the task was done and I recovered half of my apartment. What's more she did it all with a good sense of humor, asking for input where appropriate and then diving into the task. If you have a large, daunting task that bedevils you, get in touch with Devon."

"Devon worked wonders on my bedroom and closet! She is so positive and energetic and made what had seemed like a huge job feel so easy.  I seriously could not believe how much we accomplished and she actually made it fun.  For the first time my bedroom feels like a spacious and welcoming retreat instead of a cluttered dumping ground.  I hope to work with Zero Chaos again in the future to organize the rest of my life- she's seriously the best!"

"Devon is incredible! She got my home organized over a year ago, and now comes in regularly to fine tune things for us.  She has coordinated parties, hired household staff, and keeps things humming and running smoothly. She is professional, personable, has so many great ideas, is a hard worker, and is always a pleasure to be around."

"I had the opportunity to work with Devon and she was amazing. Professional, efficient, she gave me a new perspective on my own organizational methods. I consider myself a very organized person in general but felt stuck in a rut with the same methods. I was skeptical at first but am glad that I hired Devon! I learned new tricks and Devon helped me make my kitchen more functional and more organized. It is nice to have new tools to work with and I would highly recommended using ZeroChaos for your organizational projects!"

"Devon was great to work with while I was organizing our new home. She was positive and fun to work with as we were clearing out and organizing several junk drawers, a kitchen, pantry, kids' play room, kids' bedrooms, and laundry room. She also brought fresh insight to our layout of a few of our living spaces. I feel fortunate to have found such a valuable resource in her!"

"Devon is amazing! I literally can not believe how much we got done in just our first 3-hour session. I can finally breath in my bedroom/bathroom. I highly recommend her! Even in her first free hour consultation, she gave me a useful tip for every room we walked through. So great!"

"I hired Devon, not knowing what to expect...
She has revolutionized our house, has helped me to prioritize and focus on what is important in running a large household. She has always been on task and offers solid support, not only when she is physically in our home, but also when she has an idea (always great) for what may better our space. We moved 2 bedrooms, got rid of a ton of clutter, and I am looking forward to working with her to keep up all of the progress. Life saver!"

"Devon, the principal of ZeroChaos, is exceptional at what she does. She helped us with a local move -- sorting through and getting rid of clothes, books, etc. that we didn't need (including boxing it them and taking the boxes to Goodwill and other places and then bringing us back tax receipts); organizing my very disorganized home office so that it was easy to unpack at the other end; doing much of the packing; finding someone to help with heavy lifting, handyman work, and part of the move itself; and numerous other ways. She was easy to work with, professional, and just a generally pleasant person to be around."

"Devon helped me pack and unpack in a new space and set up great systems for organization. She is positive, resourceful and extremely professional. I will hire her again."

"ZeroChaos was exactly what I needed. Super attentive and top level professionalism. All projects were completed on time. Couldn't have asked for more!"

"This was by far the best spent money of my entire wedding. Devon did a wonderful job!"

"I met with Devon today for the first time and really enjoyed working with her. It felt great to finally tackle the photo organizing I've been meaning to do for YEARS and Devon made it seam easy and we accomplished a lot in the time she was here. She is proficient, thorough and professional. I will continue to have Devon help me become the organized person I want to be?

"Devon is very approachable, considerate, honest and professional. She has been invaluable in helping me sort and complete paper tasks! She helped set up a system that is simple and realistic with my habits ; no more late fees! She has honestly paid for herself...even finding me money I was unaware of- I only wish I could hire full time to run my life. Such a life saver!"

"Devon is a pleasure to work with! She is passionate, professional and efficient. She works with you to find out what systems will be of greatest benefit to your situation. She also leaves you with tools to keep your space organized and looking great!"

"Reasonable rate. Free consultation. Very professional and got the job done in no time. Will definitely use Devon again"

"What can't this woman do?  Devon created a beautiful web site for my business that perfectly reflected by aesthetic."

"We hired Devon to help us with some home organization. She was very timely, friendly and professional. Look forward to working with her again."

"I hired Devon as a day of coordinator for my wedding. She was organized and on time. I felt confident in her running my event. She did most of the set up, coordinated the venue and wedding party as well as keep us on my strick time line. One of my favorite things was that she seamed to know when I needed her and would just appear at my side. All in all I would hire her again if I had it all to do over again."

"ZeroChaos is amazing! I've been working with them for awhile now and its always top-notch. Lifesavers!"

"I'm not a big review person, but wanted to let people know what an amazing organizer and event planner Devon at ZeroChaos is. I hired Devon about 6 months ago to help get my home organized and she rocked it!  Great ideas!  Super professional and fun!  Then I asked her to help me pull together a  birthday party for my father last month.  Great ideas and she took care of everything for me. She is worth every penny and full of great resources."

"If you're looking for help with anything in your house!! I mean ANYTHING!!! Devon is your lady! She's super reliable, and quite the organizer. She even came up with tricks to help with those cumbersome kitchen objects. I will continue to use Devon anytime I need anything. She's a woman of all trades. I trust her (as well) in my house which is super important to me. Don't look any further!!"

"Devon really helped bring order to my life. Plus she gave me a lot of great ideas."

"Devon is amazing! She is efficient and thorough. She takes obvious delight in her work- such enthusiasm for organizing! Devon will get your space looking great and take any unwanted items to Goodwill (or wherever they need to go). Highly recommended!"

"I love parties. Parties that are well put together, look good, bring joy and are organized!!!
Devon made my little girls party a dream. Not only was it gorgeous, but she helped me to be the superstar mom that I only hope to be. From the outdoor space, filled with lanterns and twinkling lights, to the charming breakfast table set-up, I could not have been more pleased. It was so nice to have the party organized before the dozen pre- teen girls arrived. Food was prepped, house was clean, balloons in the front yard....Amazing, awesome; wish I'd known about her earlier! Thank you Devon!"

"Devon has been an incredible help during my recent big move-slash-life-reorganization!  
I have hired her for the following: Packing up old home; unpacking/setting up new home; de-cluttering, errands, decorating, sorting.... When my garage flooded, Devon was able to locate wooden pallets and she came with help and put my boxes and furniture  up on the pallets to minimize water damage!!!  The list goes on.  Devon has also offered some great referrals when I have been looking for additional services- she has a great network in the Portland area!  Devon is friendly but professional, prompt, savvy about where to find deals, and she has a great eye for organizing as well as decorating!  I have hired her at least 15 times and counting!"

"Ms. Devon has a fantastic eye for details. Her professional yet friendly demeanor makes any ZeroChaos project an enjoyable experience!"

"I am someone whom was always perpetually cleaning and 'organizing' my home because I didn't really know what I was doing. ZeroChaos came in and worked with me to not only get me set up for the moment (you've seen those beautiful homes in the after pictures that probably don't continue to look that way after the after) but to return my house to the same state day in and out (even with children and all that goes with them!). ZeroChaos has an instinct to be able to understand what you want to accomplish (versus imposing her 'vision') and then shows you how to get there."

"You are a great one"

"Devon has a knack for organization and was enjoyable to work with. She helped break my project down into parts and we knocked them off in no time. Thanks!"

"I've used Zero Chaos on several occasions and every time I leave more and more impressed. Great way to clear clutter, get organized and get tasks done."

"Devon is great to work with! I consider myself pretty organized but knew that I wanted to try something different and needed to get my kitchen "market ready" as I am putting my house up for sale. I couldn't be happier with the decision. She helped me make my kitchen even more functional and also helped it look more "staged" for buyers. She was on time, has great communication and truly was a joy to tackle my problem spaces with! I learned that even an organized person can use some fresh views and now I have new ideas for other areas of my house. I highly recommended Devon!

"Devon is a lifesaver! Within a few hours, she was able to transform my kitchen and bathroom after I recently moved into my new place. She offers helpful tips along the way, asks questions to adjust to your lifestyle, and provides judgment free support!"

"Devon has been more helpful then I could have imagined. I had no way to realize a solution to my paper pile issues. She made it fun, easy and manageable. We are still tackling the process....but I can totally imagine keeping her on for more of my organization needs...She is very comfortable and easy to work with- I feel like she really wants to help!"ruly was a joy to tackle my problem spaces with! I learned that even an organized person can use some fresh views and now I have new ideas for other areas of my house. I highly recommended Devon!"

"Devon did an excellent job as the day of coordinator for our wedding. She made everything run smoothly and took a huge amount of weight off my shoulders, I would highly recommend her services!"

"Devon is amazing! I have really appreciated how supportive and kind she is while at the same time being so knowledgeable, efficient and enthusiastic. It has been a huge relief to have her help in creating more order and simplicity to my home."

"Devon has been helping me keep my home office and artist studio organized for the last year and I am very happy with her services and wonderful organizational ideas."

"Devon, I so appreciate the time and effort you put into my world.  Your work made a huge difference to my timing. You jumped into a complex world and took away some chaos"

"My husband and I just had an anniversary party for 100 in our back yard. We didn't use a caterer but friends and family helped us out (some paid, most not). Devon helped me plan for all the "other stuff" I needed to think about in the planning phase of things. She spent time with me walking over the space, talking through the event and helping me find a source for ice, ideas for flowers and balloons and then served as our parking valet the day of the party. Devon took a real interest in our event, gave us a LOT of her time and seemed to really get into the spirit of the event too - she knew every guest she chauffeured by name! She "filled in the gaps" for us that I don't think most party or event planners would. Thank you Devon!"

"Excellent! So helpful- Could not have done it without her. Hard worker!!!"

"Thank YOU Devon for using your awesome skills to help me get my kitchen and the girls playroom not only orderly, but liveable again. Huge bonus that my husband now has the space for a small home office!  With great appreciation!"

Above and beyond! Wonderful taste and completed project early.  5 stars!

"Devon is very knowledgeable and professional without being pushy. She got my kitchen and kids playrooms organized which allowed me to utilize the spaces more efficiently and with less stress. The best part was she repurposed some space in my kids playroom for their desks so that my husband could now use the niche in our upstairs hallway for his home office."

"I'm preparing for a move of both my home and my business. I have A LOT of stuff! I need A LOT of help. Devon came highly recommended by my realtor who said she's a miracle worker at getting houses ready to list - or some such superlative (I don't remember her exact words). Well it turns out that Devon is everything I could have asked for and so much more. She works hard and SO effectively. She empowers me to do more than I thought I could and encourages me to stop the second I need to. She has integrity - constantly looking out for MY bottom line. She's funny and fun to work with. Her energy seems unbounded, yet it doesn't fly all over the place, if you know what I mean. She's very focused - on doing an excellent job for ME. I like that! I could go on and on singing her praises because there's a lot more to say about her. Suffice it to say that she's the BEST and if you hire her, you will not regret it."

"Reliable.  Good Communication.  Great service."

Devon has, for the second time now, been a tremendous help in getting my schedule organized in preparation for my busy work week. She's very considerate, does prep ahead of our organizing sessions and totally helps me get my priorities organized and ensure nothing is falling through the cracks. Looking forward to working with her again!!!

Devon was great and rolled with improvising as conditions from my original task changed. She was a great home organizer and got my living space sorted to a much more functional layout in a very short time. Thank you!

"Devon was very responsive and great to work with!"

"As always, Devon did a fantastic job.  I'm so happy that I have found her and that she is so well versed on so many topics.  I'll hire her again!"

"Quick, professional, awesome!"

"Devon did an amazing job of tidying and organizing my apartment.  My apartment had looked like a tornado hit it with all the debris scattered around and she took what was a disaster zone and made it not only livable, but an amazing place to be.  I plan on having her back to organize my bedroom and other areas.  She is prompt, courteous, and helpful.  She listens to ideas and asks questions and has well-thought out ideas about how to organize the space.  She gave me suggestions that will make my place more livable and a place where I can socialize and invite family.  I am grateful and happy with my experience and with my "new" living space."

"Devon was great.  She was reliable on short notice and went over the top to complete my task.  I would definitely hire her again."

"Not sure where I'd be without Devon...but I don't want to find out:)  She's the best!!!"

"Devon is always a pleasure to have working on my projects.  I have hired her at least 4 times, and I'm always more than satisfied.  She has a wonderful attitude and very diligent in all her tasks!  Will hire her again!"

"Absolutely fantastic!"

"Devon went above and beyond to help me last minute!  I needed assistance planning a surprise for a friend and Devon made sure it happened and on time!  I would absolutely work with Devon again and highly recommend her for your needs.  She's honest, reliable, and trustworthy!  She's your gal if you need any help!"

"I really like how Devon takes the time to figure out and understand the project, rather than simply stopping at the first easy answer."

"Devon was sooo helpful!!!"

"THANK YOU Devon.  Once again, incredibly helpful."

"Devon swooped in and completed my super last minute delivery with ease and kindness.  One hundred thank you's to her!"

"Devon was great as always."

"Devon Burton is a godsend!  Devon helped me pack-up my house, so I could move out-of-state.  Before coming over to help me move, Devon provided a packing list + a place to purchase packing supplies.  She packed everything meticulously and methodically, but with such quick and precise focus.  I would fly her down to help me pack-up and move again.  Devon is your go-to for local or long distance relocations.  She is worth every dollar and more.  I am so grateful for her services - so grateful.  You need to hire her for your next move."

"Devon did an awesome job!  She is pleasant, prompt, and precise!  We recommend her and would love to work with her again."

Outstanding. Devon worked with allotted time and budget to get the boxes I needed, then did a super thorough job helping me pack! She also provided great ideas and referrals to stay organized on my own! Will hire again!

"Devon was great!"

"Devon is super!  Reliable, quick and pleasant to work with.  Highly recommend."